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Early Childhood Programs

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The Leon County Schools Early Childhood Program is based upon research which supports the understanding of:

  • theoretical perspectives
  • what to teach and when
  • with implications for how to teach
  • how to assess what children have learned
  • the content of curriculum
  • how to establish reciprocal relationships with families
  • how to adapt curriculum and instructions to children's individual strengths, needs & interests
Children must be recognized for their individuality, regardless of socio-economic status or ability with knowledge & sensitivity to social & cultural diversity.

The purpose of the Leon County Schools Early Childhood Programs is to provide enriched, safe learning environments, positive adult/child interactions that will promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and regular assessment of individual needs, strengths and interests. The guiding principals support a high-quality, research-based program.

The  Leon County Schools Early Childhood Programs implement the High/Scope approach in all the pre-kindergarten classes. The High/Scope preschool approach is a clearly defined and integrated framework within which both teachers and children work with great freedom and initiative. The approach's positive benefits for children have been well documented and have let to the U.S. Department of Education's recognition of the High/Scope approach as a national demonstration of a successful, comprehensive early childhood educational program.

Five basic elements constitute the High/Scope preschool approach:

  • active learning

  • positive adult-child relationships

  • a child-friendly learning environment

  • a consistent daily routine

  • team based daily child observation & assessment

These elements must be in place and implemented appropriately to assure that the approach's documented benefits for children will occur.